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Our Team

The Leading With Success team has evolved from being corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, international speakers & community managers to Asia's first leadership well-being priority company. | From the early days of our workshop facilitations & community engagements to the 2000+ people we’ve impacted in Asia, Leading With Success has been pushing the envelope for leaders’ well-being. | We’re here to help you engage your employees to create a fun, high-performing, happier, resilient culture for a more profitable business.

Who We Are

Our founders are all-women executives with more than 15 years of management experience in the corporate world.

We believe in making your organizational transformation success by facilitating fun, infusing happiness & positivity.

We rewire organizational culture through workshop facilitation that revolutionizes actionable learning.

What We Do

Our mission is to place in the forefront of Asia; a holistic well-being priority culture that leads to success.

Mindful Leadership Development Coaching & Workshops

We believe in conscious, mindful leadership development where the well-being and results are the focus.

eCommerce, Digital & Social Media Marketing Workshop Facilitations

Our eCommerce, Digital & Social Media Marketing experts are the best in the field and we have campaigns & results to prove it.

Effective Communication Workshop Facilitations

Organizations are all about how to communicate with each other to reach the goals. Discover why our clients love our communication workshops.

What We Offer

FUN Corporate Workshops with Actionable Learnings

Happiness at the workplace that produces highly engaged performers & profitable results for your company.

What does this really mean?

In our 15 years of management experience, we discovered that the key to fast profits is happy employees.

How do you make employees happy?

Contact us now and we will share with you the Leading With Success’ Culture Masterclass for Leaders.

Why Leading With Success

Our feedback forms, testimonials from our happy clients, & corporate workshop clients will astound you.

We have a 99.9% happiness actionable learning satisfaction.

Inspiring, enjoyable, energetic, etc. are just a few of the adjectives that our attendees share with us after the workshops.

We have a 100% rebook from our clients who love that the success they achieve in our workshops ripple in their training evaluation from their executives down to individual employees who are excited when the next workshop that will be facilitated by us will be.

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Meet The Team

As part of our Core Value #1 Authenticity we enjoy delivering FUN actionable learning that leads to the company's success. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how each person does their part to develop Asia's holistic well-being in the workplace.

Bonnie Factor Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Morales Co-founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Joy Lapuz Co-founder & Chief Social Impact

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When your team's well-being is holistic, profits flow faster to your company.